Vita - or - what i did yet . . . 

Infotainment - since 2014 - still running

The CORPUS DELICTI TOUR is a great success. Since 2013 it´s running daily! Awarded with six awards.

Life shows - 2018 - more to come

The next level of Infotainment: The Corpus Delicti - CRIME Dinner is running monthly now inside the rooms of "WeWork" (co-working places).

Book Covers  - since 2016 - more to come

For the female author, M.D. Schoppenhorst i did the covers for all her books about the symphathic Vampires from Berlin/Germany.

I made the covers for 3 books of her yet - no end in sight...

Only main roles 

2015, I played the role of a doctor with a big secret on german TV. 

I played Mack the Knife in the german version of THE BEGGARS OPERA in 2010 and I played Elvis - a Masterzombie in the Movie NECROPATATICON by B.B. Bursch in 2011. Before that I played on stage in a german version of Moliére´s THE MIZER in 2001.  

Stage play - drama

"Dennis" is a shocking Story about a young pedagogue who is prejudiced as a pedophile because of doing a great job on a much younger boy who was suffering from AD/HD. Premiere was on August 2012 in Hamburg/Germany.

I wrote, casted, and directed it.

Stage play - comedy

German title "Normal is das nich..." (englisch: "That´s not normal...").

The premiere was in Hamburg/germany on March 2006.

 I wrote, casted, and directed it. 

Movie 1

I was involved in the pre-production process as a coach for the script, the dramatic and the title.

The movie made it´s way up to the film festival of Cannes in 2011.

Movie 2

I filmed a horror movie. It´s still unpublished because we need to finish the work on the CGI effects.   

No. 1 Chart Hit

The song "Fly with me" from Raccoon, was on position No.1 of the international techno charts for 10 weeks in 2003.

I wrote on the text and the music with 3 other artists under the label of Warner Chappell.

Before that I was involved in many music projects as a creative agent and a coach for 5 years.

CD for the M.S. Europa/Hapag Lloyd

1999 I sung the song "Queen of the sea" in the englisch and german version as a price for winning "The golden voice of 1998" singing contest.


1999 I wrote and directed my first musical for and with children - the name was PELLE und der INDIANER (german title).