Vita - oder - was bisher geschah... / Vitae - or - what i did yet . . . 

Projekt mit Sebastian Fitzek

Die Corona Krise zwingt auch große Autoren in die Knie. Sebastian Fitzek hat daher beschlossen eine tolle Aktion für neue Autoren auszurufen. Ich bin in der Auswahl der Bewerber und mit einer meiner Kurzgeschichten dabei. Daher suche ich derzeit nach Testlesern, die mir helfen, das Manuskript zu verfeinern. Willst DU mir dabei helfen? Dann schreib mich an, über das Kontaktformular und du erhälst weitere Informationen. Bis gleich! 

Infotainment at it´s best

Die interaktive CORPUS DELICTI TOUR ist ein großartiger Erfolg. Seit 2013 läuft Hamburgs beste Krimi-Tour täglich und wurde mehrfach mit Preisen ausgezeichnet.

The interactive CORPUS DELICTI TOUR is a great success. Since 2013 the best crime-tour of Hamburg/Germany is running daily! Awarded with several awards.

Corpus Delicti Crime Dinner - Life shows - 2018

Die nächste Stufe der Unterhaltung: 
Die erfolgreiche Show-Reihe - Corpus Delicti - CRIME Dinner -  war 2018 fester Bestandteil der "WeWork" Events in Hamburg.

The next level of Infotainment: The Corpus Delicti - CRIME Dinner was a monthly running show inside the rooms of "WeWork" (co-working places).

Book Covers  - since 2016 - more to come

For the female author, M.D. Schoppenhorst i did the covers for all her books about the symphathic Vampires from Berlin/Germany.

I made the covers for 3 books of her yet - no end in sight...

Only main roles 

2015, I played the role of a doctor with a big secret on german TV. 

I played Mack the Knife in the german version of THE BEGGARS OPERA in 2010 and I played Elvis - a Masterzombie in the Movie NECROPATATICON by B.B. Bursch in 2011. Before that I played on stage in a german version of Moliére´s THE MIZER in 2001.  

Stage play - drama

"Dennis" is a shocking Story about a young pedagogue who is prejudiced as a pedophile because of doing a great job on a much younger boy who was suffering from AD/HD. Premiere was on August 2012 in Hamburg/Germany.

I wrote, casted, and directed it.

Stage play - comedy

German title "Normal is das nich..." (englisch: "That´s not normal...").

The premiere was in Hamburg/germany on March 2006.

 I wrote, casted, and directed it. 

Movie 2

2014, i filmed a horror movie. It´s still unpublished because we need to finish the work on the CGI effects.   

Movie 1

I was involved in the pre-production process as a coach for the script, the dramatic and the title.

The movie made it´s way up to the film festival of Cannes in 2011.

No. 1 Chart Hit

The song "Fly with me" from Raccoon, was on position No.1 of the international techno charts for 10 weeks in 2003.

I wrote on the text and the music with 3 other artists under the label of Warner Chappell.

Before that I was involved in many music projects as a creative agent and a coach for 5 years.

CD for the M.S. Europa/Hapag Lloyd

1999 I sung the song "Queen of the sea" in the englisch and german version as a price for winning "The golden voice of 1998" singing contest.


1999 I wrote and directed my first musical for and with children - the name was PELLE und der INDIANER (german title).