Official Site about the multicore-artist.

Hi, my name is . . . 

Andrew-Anthony Lucas. 

I am a Multicore Artist, which means that i do focus on many arts.

I´ve been working a lot to become a master in all of them.

When I´m doing projects, i´m working hard and fast and i always do my best to bring the optimum of success.

I mostly live and work in Hamburg/Germany but I´m free to travel around the whole world, since i can work in german or english language.

In the following you can learn more about what i do...

What i do in general...


I was on many stages but also in Movies and german TV several times.

Mostly playing main leading roles or supporting roles.


Pop, Soul, Blues, Rock and Classic are my professions.

My voice is trained after the famous singing master class of Seth Riggs (L.A.)


I love big storys! But i also do shorts. No matter wich genre - i can write in any style.

My books are mostly Thrillers and Crime Stories.


As a host i show all my talents on stage and in front of the camera. My shows are more than just Entertainment - they are experiences with heart and soul.

Plays & Musicals

First a hobby - it became also a job. 

I´m doing commissioned work and also own projekts for my portfolio.

What i also do...


I love to look at the world with a special eye. When i do photographs i see inside people and situations and try to express them into a picture.

You can feel the Quintessence.


Working with Photoshop for 20 years now brings me into the position to make any graphic work i need or have to do for my clients.

I do work fast and very well.

Business Coaching

Do or do not - there is no try...

I really like to teach my professions to others. 

You can book courses at the H.I.E. Institute where i do my coachings in several seminars. 

Life Coaching

I´m a Grandmaster of Koom Dan.

The teaching of passive acting is not only a life style, but also a great philosophy for becoming a better actor in show (&) business.